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Ludwig Prandtl “Father of modern aerodynamics”
Ludwig Prandtl is today considered one of the key founding fathers of institutionalised aerospace research. When he founded the Modellversuchsanstalt für Aerodynamik der Motorluftschiff-Studiengesellschaft [Institute for testing of aerodynamic models of the powered airship society] which would later become the Aerodynamischen Versuchsanstalt, [Institute for Aerodynamic Testing] or AVA, a precursor of the modern day German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in 1907 in Göttingen, he was laying the foundations of modern aerodynamic research. He is considered the “Father of modern aerodynamics” and founder of modern study of aerodynamics Colleagues describe him as “an extroadinary scholar, a successful teacher and a good man“.
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Created: 09/02/2007 13:20:00