Aeroelastic Wind-tunnel experiments

Aeroelasticity deals with the interaction of elastic structures in an air stream and its aerodynamic loads as well as the impact of this interaction on the design of the structure. Aeroelastic phenomena do not only occur on aircraft and space vehicles but also on large buildings. Pertaining to all fields, the interaction of aerodynamic and structural forces may lead to critical static or dynamic phenomena.

This aeroelastic wind-tunnel-experiments group is committed to the planning, realisation and analysis of challenging experiments in wind tunnels in order to investigate the Fluid-Structure Interaction at the limit of aerodynamic areas with high transonic speeds and/or detached flows. The compiled results provide validation data in addition to physically reasonable indication of the problem-modeling of the observed phenomena.
An example are the experiments in the project "Aerostabil", which expanded the physical understanding of transonic flutter, particularly the nonlinear effects. The interaction of wing and engine nacelle was the subject of extensive experimental investigations as well as the dynamic separation (dynamic stall) at helicopters rotors.
The goal is always to derive innovative technical solutions from the gained physical understanding. Some work has already resulted in successful patent applications.
Many of our projects are examined in international co-operating teams.
Besides the scientific work, the group deals with the development of piezoelectric balances and the use of innovative optical measurement techniques.


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