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FTEG test campaign: very large model in DNW

9. Dezember 2011

The first wind tunnel entry of the new very large scale model F15LS of DLR, Airbus and EADS- Innovation Works will take place during the second and third week of December at DNW [1] LLF [2].

This test, led by the DLR Braunschweig, is dedicated to high lift noise and is related to the German national Lufo project FTEG as well as the EU-project OPENAIR.

For the first time, highly valuable flow and acoustic data is expected, which will not be biased by unrealistic Reynolds number effects and unavoidable artefacts due to small scale testing.

[1] The DNW, the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels, was established by the German Aerospace Center DLR and the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory NLR.
[2] The large low-speed facility (LLF) is an industrial wind tunnel located in Marknesse (The Netherland).

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