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Design, Simulation and Flight Reynolds Number Testing for Advanced High Lift Solutions

Workshop - June 12, 2013, Bremen


Final Workshop of DeSiReH

The EU project DESIREH (Design, Simulation and Flight Reynolds Number Testing for Advanced High Lift Solutions) supports the realisation of the ACARE Vision 2020 for significantly greener aircraft and a reduced time to market by improving the aerodynamics of the high-lift system. This is achieved by considering - at the same time and in a coordinated approach - the numerical design methodology and the measurement techniques for cryogenic conditions for an advanced laminar wing. The aim is to facilitate an improved industrial design process in terms of product quality, efficiency, and development cost reduction with respect to the high-lift systems.

The realisation of Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) technology needs an enabling high-lift system that takes into accout the specific design constraints and desired functionality. Hence, the design space of a NLF compatible high-lift system is very different compared to a state-of-the-art transport aircraft with turbulent wings. DESIREH focuses on the development and application of new numerical methods to design a NLF compatible high-lift system as well as improving of wind tunnel testing efficiency, the realization of applying different advanced measurement techniques simultaneously.

After 52 months DeSiReH work is completed on June 30, 2013. In the workshop the achieved technical results will be presented and discussed. Participation at the workshop is free of charge.


The DeSiReH project has been funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement No. ACP8-GA-2009-233607.

Practical Information

Venue and Accomodation

The workshop will take place at the entrance building of Airbus Operations GmbH, Airbus-Allee 1, 28199 Bremen, Germany.  Participation is by invitation only. Interested persons are kindly requested to apply by email to Jochen.Wild@dlr.de

Organizing Commitee

Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wild
DLR Institute for Aerodynamics and Flow Technology

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Dziomba
Dziomba Aeronautical Consulting

Dipl.-Ing. Henning Strüber
Airbus Operations GmbH

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