The aim of the AEROCHINA2 Coordination Support Action (CSA) is to foster the cooperation between a number of industry, university and research organizations in the aeronautics sector in Europe and China in the field of multi-physics modelling, computer simulation and code validation, experimental testing and design methods for the solution of multi-physics problems of interest to the aeronautic sector.

The spectrum multi-physical disciplines considered in AEROCHINA2 which are of interest of European and Chinese partners are Aerodynamics, Structures & Materials, Fluid Dynamics, Aeroacoustics, Active Flow Control and Aero Elasticity.

The general strategic objectives of the project are three fold: 1) to identify areas of mutual RTD interest and the clarification of the skills, experiences and capabilities of the Chinese partners in the relevant technological areas of multi-physics analysis and design; 2) to develop concepts of collaboration in those areas between the European and Chinese partners in order to ensure a win-win situation; 3) prepare specific RTD activities that are mature for joint proposals for FP7. These AEROCHINA2 objectives correspond to a more long term preparation necessary for substantial and sustainable win-win cooperation in forthcoming FP7 calls.

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