X3-NOISE is a collaborative network project in the area of aeroacoustics to lower the exposure of community to aircraft noise. We strive to coordinate research activities, disseminate results, and contribute to an aeroacoustical knowledge base. X3-NOISE is made possible by the European Union. The X3-NOISE Coordination Action, through its network structure and comprehensive work plan involving expert groups, scientific workshops, stakeholder seminars and a common information system, addresses the aircraft noise challenges set by the ACARE 2020 Vision.

The X3-NOISE network undertakes the elaboration and coordination of research activities, the dissemination of results and the integration of European research activity in the field of air transport related to noise. The objectives of the X3-NOISE Coordination Action project can be summarised as follows:

  • Evaluation of EC-funded projects and assessment of their contribution to the aeroacoustic research.
  • Formulation of priorities and key topics for future technology projects through development of common strategies, identification of required infrastructures, benchmarking against competing countries and complementarity with national activities.
  • Formulation of research strategy for the development of tools/instruments aimed at supporting the management of airport environmental capacity within the frame of ICAO Balanced Approach and EC Environmental Noise Directive.
  • Optimum exploitation of anticipated breakthroughs in Aircraft Noise research by the scientific community, SME's interested in aeronautics applications and other noise engineering areas.
  • Appropriate communication and feedback strategy to inform on progress made in aircraft noise research, including the development of technical information aimed at Regulatory Bodies and Policymaking Agencies on the basis of state-of-the-art, demonstrated technology and operational capabilities of future aircraft.
  • Improved integration of the European Aircraft Noise Research Community through a network of National Focal Points (NFPs), including the structured development of local networks in new EU member states in order to foster participation in future projects.


Further information: http://www.xnoise.eu


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