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EUROMECH colloqium "Turbulent convection in passenger compartments"

13.-14. October 2005


Organizers of EUROMECH colloqium
Forced and bouyant convection in passenger compartments of automobiles, trucks, trains and in aircraft cabins controls the thermal comfort of passengers, the air quality and the transport of polutants and pathogens. To provide a comfortable and healthy compartment or cabin environment transportation and aircraft industries conduct intensive measurement campaigns and/or use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for air and heat flow predictions. These CFD methods are not always able to reliably predict mixed turbulent convection. One of the reasons is, that CFD results depend on the accuracy of simplified physical models. These model are needed to account for not fully understood effects like turbulence, internal and solar heat radiation and the heat conduction within the human body. Therefore, there is a high industrial demand for a better understanding of turbulent convection in passenger compartments and for reliable computational methods, accurate measurement techniques and proper test facilities.

It is the objective of the colloqium to focus on physical phenomena in turbulent convection and on numerical methods and experimental techniques needed to investigate flow and temperature distributions in passenger compartments and its effect on the passenger. Researchers from industries and research institutions should find a forum to discuss their problems and find possible solutions by launching new collaborations.

 EUROMECH colloqium 'Turbulent convection in passenger compartments'
zum Bild EUROMECH colloqium "Turbulent convection in passenger compartments"

  • Experimental studies of turbulent convection in compartments and measurements techniques for the assessment of temperature and flow fields.
  • Numerical investigations of turbulent convection in compartments be means of Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and CFD based on solutions of the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS).
    Analytical models of turbulence, solar and heat radiation and human heat transport including closure schemes for RANS and LES.
  • Health impact and psychological perception of air quality and thermal comfort in compartments.

Two plenary presentations will be given by the invited speakers:

  • Paul F. Linden, University of California, San Diego, USA: Ventilation flow patterns, their control and the consequences for comfort in enclosed spaces
  • Alexander Orellano, Bombardier Transportation, Henningsdorf, Germany: Towards virtual testing of Thermal Comfort.

 EUROMECH colloqium 'Turbulent convection in passenger compartments'
zum Bild EUROMECH colloqium "Turbulent convection in passenger compartments"

Extended abstracts of up to 2 pages text (excluding figures) have to be submitted until 30th of June 2005. Early registration will be open until 30th of June 2005.

Date: 13./14. October 2005
Place: DLR Göttingen, Germany

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