Launcher Base Flow Analysis


Nozzles of modern launcher vehicles are large structural elements exposed to aero-thermal fluctuating side-loads resulting from the unsteady interactions of (i) the launcher external flow, (ii) the nozzle internal flow, and (iii) the response of the structure. The analysis of this flow problem requires coupled fluid-structure solvers combined with modern turbulence models.

Ariane-5 launcher lift-off (courtesy ESA)

Numerical simulation of the flow around the Ariane-5 launcher at lift-off using detached-eddy simulation. Enlarged view of the nozzle and lateral boosters showing time-averaged streamlines and normalized pressure distribution (in field and on surface)

Aerothermodynamic characterization of a generic nozzle. Computed Mach number contours and streamlines of the internal and external flow

Upscale view of the time dependent deformation (mm) the Ariane-5 nozzle using a coupled fluid-structure solver in combination with a detached-eddy turbulence model


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