1m - Wind Tunnel (1MG)

Göttingen-type low speed wind tunnel with open jet test section and closed return

1m Wind Tunnel
Airbus - half model in the 1m Wind Tunnel
Generic truc model in the 1m Wind Tunnel
 1m Wind Tunnel, Göttingen
zum Bild 1m Wind Tunnel, Göttingen

1m Wind Tunnel, Göttingen:
  • Operational date: 1962
  • Test section size:
    1.0 m x 0.7 m elliptic or rectangular
    Length: 1.3 m or 2.3 m
  • Nozzle contraction ratio: 4.8
  • Maximum velocity: 65 m/s
  • Installed power: 88 kW
  • Applied testing techniques:
    Balances for forces and moments,
    mean and unsteady pressure distributions,
    hot-wire anemometry,
    surface hot film technique,
    oil flow visualization,
    Laser light sheet visualization,
    Particle image velocimetry (PIV),
Field of application:
  • Fundamental experiments on boundary layer transition and separation,
  • Investigation of vortex flows,
  • Probe calibrations (cup anemometers, multi-hole pressure probes, thermal anemometers)
  • Measurements in the field of industrial and vehicle aerodynamics


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