Department Supersonic and Hypersonic Technology (AS-HYP)



Office wing with main entrance and lobby.
Supersonic wind tunnel TMK (front) and hypersonic wind tunnel H2K (rear).
Arc heated facilities L2K (right hand side) and L3K (left hand side).

The ‘Supersonic and Hypersonic Technology Department’ with approx. 35 employees and five wind tunnels is part of the “Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology”. With its facilities, which are partially unique in Europe, the department performs experimental research and contractual work aimed at problem solutions and concept developments for supersonic and hypersonic vehicles.

Focal points of work are experimental aerodynamic and thermal analysis of overall configurations as well as qualification of their components. Inlets for ramjet and scramjet engines, structures and materials for missiles and space vehicles are qualified at flight conditions.

The development of instrumentation and health monitoring for hypersonic flights is another focus of this department. Investigations on supersonic and hypersonic flow control technologies and the production of nanoparticles using gasdynamic effects also are further working areas.

Customers and cooperation partners are the German ministry departments, European Aerospace and Defence Industry, European Space Agency (ESA) as well as universities. The work is integrated into DLR programme activities as well as into national and international aerospace programmes and projects. Through all these activities, the department plays an important role in the development of advanced high-speed missiles, more economical space transportation vehicles and entry, descent and landing systems for different planets.

Main working areas:

Dr.-Ing. Ali Gülhan
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology
, Supersonic and Hypersonic Technology
Tel: +49 2203 601-2363

Fax: +49 2203 601-2085

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