Aerodynamic simulation and optimization in aircraft designAerodynamische Simulation und Optimierung in der Flugzeugentwicklung

Within the German national project MEGADESIGN, 11 partners jointly aim at realizing the potential of numerical optimization for aerodynamic and multidisciplinary design of aircraft in industrial applications. The partners come from aircraft industry, research establishment and universities and cooperate lead-managed by DLR. This four-year project is partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA). It runs till the middle of 2007. The overall human-resource allocation sums up to approximately 36 man year. Additionally MEGADESIGN is backed by the DLR internal project MegaOpt on design optimization.

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Prof.Dr. Norbert Kroll
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology
, C²A²S²E Center for Computer Applications in AeroSpace Science and Engineering
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MEGADESIGN Final Project Meeting - May, 23-24, 2007 - DLR Braunschweig (
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