Room and cabin ventilation

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Fig. 1: Temperature fields in three measurement planes in the cabin of the Do728 test facility

The passenger's thermal comfort is an essential design-criterion for the air conditioning and the customization of an aircraft cabin. The state of the art in industry is to conduct costly and cost-intensive test series with specifically built cabin models to get information about the passenger's sensation of comfort for the respective design. In the future it is envisaged to predict the passenger's comfort by means of numerical simulations and to obtain an interactive layout of an optimized aircraft cabin. The currently performed experimental investigations of the air flow in the cabins interior concentrate on three test facilities: the grounded facilities A380 mock-up and Do728 as well as the cabin of the D-ATRA, which is investigated also under real flight conditions. Experimental validation data will be generated for each of them with diffent measurement techniques, especially PIV. 
Additionally, the flow through cabin air outlets is optimized through measurements in order to achieve design specifications. The investigations of indoor air flows carried out in the department Fluid Systems focus on the development and application of measurement techniques and numerical methods to capture flow and temperature fields in cabin and cabin air outlets.

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