Project IDIHOM

Industrialisation of High-Order Methods – A Top-Down Approach

Project IDIHOM

The proposed IDIHOM project is motivated by the increasing demand of the European aerospace industries to advance their CFD-aided design procedure and analysis by using accurate and fast numerical methods, so-called high-order methods. They will be assessed and improved in a top-down approach by utilising industrially relevant complex test cases, so-called application challenges in the general area of turbulent steady and unsteady aerodynamic flows, covering external and internal aerodynamics as well as aeroelastic  and aeroacoustic applications. Thus, the major aim is to support the European aeronautics industry with proven-track method(s) delivering an increased predictive accuracy for complex flows and (by same accuracy) an alleviation of computational costs which will secure their global leadership. An enhancement of the complete "high-order methods suite" is envisaged, including the most relevant methods, Discontinuous Galerkin and Continuous Residual-Based methods, in combination with underlying technologies as high-order grid generation and adaptation, visualisation, and parallelisation. The IDIHOM project is a key-enabler for meeting the ACARE goals, as higher-order methods offer the potential of more accurate prediction and at the same time faster simulations.

Main objectives:

  1. Advance current higher-order methods and apply them to complex industrial flows
  2. Demonstrate capabilities of higher-order approaches in solving industrially relevant (challenging) applications and achieving synergy effects by applications to external and internal aerodynamics
  3. Demonstrate that high-order methods can be well applied to multi-disciplinary topics as there are aeroacoustics (noise reduction) and aeroelastics (reduced A/C weight, improved A/C safety)
  4. Advance the Technology Readiness Level from about 3 to 5
  5. Facilitate co-operation betwenn different industries as there are airframe, turbo-engines, helicopters, ground transportation and the EU CleanSky project

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