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The Department Experimental Methods continually has vacancies for student research projects leading towards the diploma, bachelor and master degrees and involving work on varied themes under study in the department areas’ of research. The formulation and scope of the research project can be fitted to the study regulations, the individual interests of the candidate and the current needs of the department (Download).


The Department Experimental Methods develops optical and acoustical field measurement methods for the acquisition of fluid mechanical and aero­acoustical physical data and uses these in large industrial wind tunnels or in in-flight measurements to address tasks and problem formulations in the area of aerodynamics.

Quantitatively measured physical quantities are:

  • Pressure (Pressure Sensitive Paint PSP),
  • Velocity (Particle Image Velocimetry PIV),
  • Location of transition lines (Temperature Sensitive Paint TSP),
  • Density (Background Oriented Schlieren Technique BOS),
  • Acoustic Pressure (Acoustic Microphone Array),
  • Deformation (Image Pattern Correlation Technique IPCT) and spatial position of the wind tunnel test model or aircraft wing.

EV-Diplomarbeiten Geschwindigkeit (Volumen)
EV-Diplomarbeit Druck-Geschwindigkeit

Pressure and Velocity

EV-Diplomarbeit Deformation

Further details:

Requirements (according to standards of study):

  • Interest in experimental work,
  • Good knowledge of measurement techniques, electronics, video techniques, optics and fluid mechanics,
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as MATLAB,C, ...


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