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Source: Rolls-Royce

The research work of the Institute of Propulsion Technology is strictly focused on the improvement of gas turbines in aviation and electric power generation by medium- to long-term exploitation of the inherent technical potentials. All current R&T-projects are addressed to the needs and requirements of society and industry, primarily concerning efficiency, developmental risk, safety and environmental aspects as exhaust and noise emission reduction.

Major objectives of the institute's turbomachinery research are the verification of propfan-technology, the enhancement of thrust to weight ratio, of the power per unit and of the cycle- and component efficiency with higher cycle temperatures due to improved cooling concepts. Advanced, three-dimensional unsteady computational methods enabling a comprehensive analysis of the complex flow processes in turbomachines are matured to a high degree and are applied to industrial design practice targeted to optimize the product quality and minimize the efforts for product development.

An important objective of current combustion research is the development and testing of new combustor concepts aimed at reducing considerably nitric oxide production in soot-free and stable combustion. Engine noise analysis and reduction, active noise control, exhaust emission analysis and fire safety are other prominent subjects of the institute’s systems approach.

The technological research is partially based on qualified experiments requiring sophisticated instrumentation and specific and efficient test facilities to be applied. Since many years the institute has been highly involved in developing laser methods (point and planar) for detailed flow investigations in gas turbines. On the test site a multistage-twoshaft compressor facility and a centre of combustion research have been built and proved setting milestones in the empirical gas turbine research. In particular, the combustion centre combining development-, demonstrator- and laboratory test facilities is quite unique in Europe.

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German Aerospace Center

Institute of Propulsion Technology
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