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With the unique test beds operated by the Combustor testing department , the Institute of Propulsion Technology provides internal and first of all external partners the opportunity of testing gas turbine combustion systems for both aero and heavy duty applications under realistic conditions. Most operational parameters can be freely adjusted without the dependency on the operational envelope of the actual engine.

From single sector aero combustors at ignition conditions to multi sector heavy duty systems at full load, our test beds are capable to support all conceivable operating conditions.

The combustor testing department BKT, in cooperation with the media supply department provides all services necessary for a successful high pressure combustor test.

Our partners benefit from more than 25 years of experience regarding the operation and advancement of the test beds and the necessary infrastructure. We enable them to test their combustion systems under full load and realistic conditions. In our test beds we have created a safe, high-performance and flexible testing environment.






Christian Fleing
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Propulsion Technology
, Combustor Test
Tel: +49 2203 601-2751

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