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Flow visualization on Turbine rotor

A turbine is most effective to convert fluid energy to mechanical energy.
In turbomachines used in power plants (gas and steam turbines) as well as in aircraft propulsion, the turbine utilizes the fluid energy to drive a compressor or fan or it generates electricity by directly driving an electric generator.

The Turbine Department, located in Göttingen, but part of the Institute of Propulsion Technology, is responsible for research in turbine flow.
In close cooperation with industry research is carried out with respect to performance improvement and increase of specific power of turbines and investigations concerning heat transfer and cooling effectiveness.


The Turbine Department is involved in European and national research projects on turbomachines, esp. Turbine Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics and in investigations of turbine blade performance as a service for industrial partners.

Turbine Facilities
To investigate multistage turbines in original scale and especially the phenomena of transonic turbine flows, high quality tools are needed.

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