High Pressure Combustion Chamber Test Rig 2 (HBK 2)

The HBK2 is the test bed with the broadest operational range. The flexible design allows for the testing of staged combustion, full annular aero engine combustors or small can combustion systems. The test setup is provided with all necessary media. A state of the art Emission measurement system for all relevant species and also Temperature and pressure measurement systems are available.


zum Bild HBK2
 HBK 2 Plan
zum Bild HBK 2 Plan


Technical specification 

Maximum thermal load 30 MW
Air supply
mass flow up to 30 kg/s
pressure up to 40 bar
temperature 700°C
Fuel supply
  • Liquid fuels (Kerosene, fuel oil, special fuel)
  • Natural Gas (L-Gas and H-Gas)
  • Synthetic gas (variable mixtures of H2, N2, CO, CO2, CH4 and others)
  • Cooling water supply for: pressure vessel, hot gas parts and emission probes

    To simulate the engine’s compressor, air is pressurized using intercooled high pressure compressors. The air is preheated using the NG powered air preheaters and then supplied to the test setup. The required fuel is introduced into the combustor and the exhaust mass flow is released to the stack. To simulate the pressure drop of the engines turbine, a hydraulic backpressure valve (exclusively developed for DLR) is used.

    To guarantee full fuel flexibility, the HBK2 is connected to the natural gas facility (for H-Gas and L-Gas), the liquid fuel facility (for Kerosene, fuel oil or any special liquid fuel available) and the syngas facility. The Syngas facility is designed to provide the combustor with any type of gaseous fuel imaginable. The composition (made up from H2, CO, N2, CH4, CO2, C3H8, C2H6, C4H10 and others)  can be adjusted online to simulate flare gas, mine gas, landfill gas or any other waste gas.

    The test setup is supplied with cooling water for the pressure casing, the hot gas parts and the emission probes. If required, quench cooling and emulsion water (for liquid fuel operation) are also available.

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