STS-134: Ready to blog

20. April 2011, 13.00, Marco Trovatello, 0 Kommentar/e
Bisher nur in Englisch - deutsche Version in Kürze.

Since yesterday's Flight Readiness Review (FRR) confirmed a "Go" for Endeavour's Launch on 29 April it's now certain that we (me, that is) will continue blogging here starting next Thursday, 28 April, where there will be first photo opportunities at Kennedy Space Center. Unfortunately Thilo Kranz, my dear DLR colleague, fellow blogger and excellent shuttle photographer, will not be there this time.

But I'll have the pleasure to not just share the press site with hundreds of space science journalists from all over the world, but also with my dear ESA colleague Daniel Scuka, who will cover STS-134 for ESA at and at Please also do not miss the 134 Tweetup Blog.

Image credit: NASA.

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