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Reflections on parting


On 16 May, the Space Shuttle Endeavour was launched en route to the International Space Station (ISS). On board was the large science experiment, AMS, designed to look for evidence of dark matter and antimatter. The flight is Endeavour's last, and it heralds the end of the shuttle era. In parallel with this somewhat technical farewell, we have also had to say goodbye to Thomas Reiter, who has been Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations for the European Space Agency (ESA)since mid-April. Two departures in the area of space exploration were sufficient reason for me to start reflecting on fundamental issues in spaceflight. read more

Ecological Advanced Propulsion Systems (ECAPS) starts its final experiment campaign


From the 14th of April the ECAPS High Performance Green Propulsion System (HPGP) experiment started its final campaign HPGP-4, the one planned for the extended mission period. read more