Other | 18. September 2011

Meeting the astronauts and more!

German Aerospace Day does not cease to surprise me! We’ve had the chance to hear from astronauts Paolo Nespoli, Cady Coleman and STS-134 crew including Greg H. Johnson. To prove it, check out the picture of all our Spacetweeps with them!

The "streets" here at DLR are now crowded. People from various places and of different ages have come here to learn about the many research activities that DLR conducts.

Credit: DLR/Alejandro Morellon

Thomas Reiter currently telling us about how much life on the ISS has changed. When he was on board MIR he could talk to his family once a week, as they had a phone. Though he won't reveal the number. what a shame!

One of the next highlights of German Aerospace Day Ð a talk about DESERTEC by Ulrich Wagner. Don't miss out!