Other | 11. May 2011 | posted by Ralf Faller

Inuvik Ground Station in Use for PRISMA

Antenne der Bodenstation Inuvik

The DLR ground station Inuvik is used for the PRISMA flight operations since April 18th 2011. The technical and administrative preparations were pushed forward for the last two months in order to provide a favorable alternative for the project. read more

Other | 09. May 2011

Proximity Experiments using the VBS Close Range Camera

Satellites flying in specific formation during proximity operations are relying on an accurately determined position. So far PRISMA has been relying on GPS for navigation. On 21st of April and from 2nd to 4th of May several proximity operations experiments below 30m relative distance have been performed with the VBS close range (CR) camera running as a passenger experiment in open loop. read more

Other | 05. May 2011

VBS Far Range data taken during transfer in-between experiments

The different experiments executed at GSOC are performed at different relative distances between the two spacecrafts. According to this we had to transfer Mango from a position at 1500 m behind Tango closer down to 50 m. The ideal opportunity to take a sequence with the Far Range camera testing its use for later GSOC experiments. read more

Other | 03. May 2011

PRISMA Earth Imaging of Southern Germany

On 19th of April the DVS camera system on-board MANGO took some exceptional images of the Earth surface. One of those is a fine picture of the Alps separating Germany and Italy. Several remarkable spots can be recognized here. read more