Other | 03. May 2011

PRISMA Earth Imaging of Southern Germany

On 19th of April the DVS camera system on-board MANGO took some exceptional images of the Earth surface. One of those is a fine picture of the Alps separating Germany and Italy. Several remarkable spots can be recognized here.

The Digital Video System (DVS) on-board MANGO is able to take single shot pictures or complete video sequences with different frame sizes and compressions. It is developed by Techno Systems in Italy.

On 19th of April when MANGO was flying over central Europe, it performed a rotation to have the Earth in the camera’s field of view and took several exceptional images of the Earth’ surface. Below an image showing the Alps, parting southern Germany and northern Italy, is presented in comparison with the same field of view taken from maps.google.de. Some distinctive spots are recognizable like the airport of Munich and some of the lakes in that region as well as Venice at the cost of the Adriatic Sea.

Fig. 1 Germany/Italy taken by DVS

Fig. 2 Germany/Italy taken from maps.google.de

That way numerous images were taken from all over the world. But next to taking Earth’ images the DVS system was also used to take pictures of the closely flying TANGO spacecraft. Depending on the distance from each other remarkable details of TANGO can be seen.