About the SOFIA blog

Heinz-Theo Hammes of the DLR SOFIA Project Team, is responsible for the technical aspects of the project. As Integration Manager, he supervised the installation of the telescope in the aircraft. Since then, he has participated in all test and flight campaigns and often spends weeks at a time at SOFIA's 'home base', the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility (DAOF) in Palmdale, California.  
Alois Himmes is the DLR Project Manager for SOFIA. Previously, he flew on the Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO), the predecessor to SOFIA. Since then, airborne observatories have been his speciality and he knows the subject better than almost anyone. He was in California for the first series of SOFIA scientific flights. Alois took part in the third scientific flight on board SOFIA, and was thus able to get direct experience of work in the observatory. 
Until July 2012 Henning Krause was an online editor and manager of the DLR Web Portal. He studied Physics at Göttingen and History of Science at Hamburg. Henning was - among other tasks - responsible for public relations for the SOFIA project, working from the DLR Corporate Communications office in Cologne. Since August 2012 he's working as Social Media Manager of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin. 
Dietmar Lilienthal has been involved with the SOFIA project for 15 years. He oversaw the electrical and software integration of the SOFIA telescope with the modified Boeing 747 SP aircraft, in the USA. Dietmar also laid the foundations for the establishment of the German SOFIA Institute (DSI) at the University of Stuttgart and managed DLR's involvement in the transfer of the aircraft from Waco, Texas, to the SOFIA Operations Center at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in southern California. Now, as SOFIA scientific operations on the German side are coordinated by DSI, Dietmar has taken up the task of DLR project manager for the BepiColombo, Gaia and Euclid missions. He is also involved in the scientific use and maintenance of the interfaces of the German SOFIA instruments GREAT and FIFI-LS.