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Andrea Schaub

After training as a graphic and web designer and obtaining a degree in information and communication sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Andrea Schaub became an online editor at the CrossMedia section of the Communications department at DLR Cologne in March 2005.

As a multimedia editor, creating content such as animations, web video and journalistic contributions such as reports, portraits and podcasts excite her. In her role as a portal manager and online editor, she is, together with other editors, responsible for editing and producing multimedia content for the DLR web portal as well as managing regular projects for the redesign and development of the DLR web portal and the rollout of new designs to approximately 80 sites of DLR institutions, facilities and projects. In addition, she oversees the tablet editions of the crossmedia DLR magazine, which next to the DLR web portal, is one of the most important products in the DLR communications portfolio.

The CrossMedia sections aims at contemporary public relations, and thus targets groups via directional and bi-directional communication over multiple content, design and editorial linked channels.

Posts from Andrea Schaub

Comm Blog | 10. September 2012

Das DLR-Magazin auf dem Tablet

Das DLR-Magazin ist das wichtigste Printmedium im Portfolio der DLR-Kommunikation. Trotzdem - oder gerade deshalb steht es ab sofort auch für Tablet-Computer wie iPad und für Geräte auf Basis des Betriebssytems Android zur Verfügung. read more

Comm Blog | 10. September 2012

The DLR Magazine now also for your tablet

The DLR Magazine is the most important printed media in DLR’s communication portfolio. In spite of this, or rather, especially because of this, it is now available for tablets such as the iPad and devices running the Android operating system. read more

Comm Blog | 15. February 2012 | 4 Comments

DLR für unterwegs: Mobilversion online

Alle aktuellen Nachrichten, Infos zu den DLR-Standorten, Instituten und Missionen sind ab sofort auch über eine Version für Smartphones abrufbar. Einfach www.dlr.de oder m.dlr.de auf Ihrem Mobilgerät eintippen, fertig! read more

Comm Blog | 15. February 2012 | 4 Comments

DLR 'on the move' – mobile version of the website now online

All the latest stories about DLR's sites, institutes and missions are now also available in a version for smartphones. Simply go to www.dlr.de/ or m.dlr.de/en/ on your mobile device. read more