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Andrea Schaub

After training as a graphic and web designer and obtaining a degree in information and communication sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Andrea Schaub became an online editor at the CrossMedia section of the Communications department at DLR Cologne in March 2005.

As a multimedia editor, creating content such as animations, web video and journalistic contributions such as reports, portraits and podcasts excite her. In her role as a portal manager and online editor, she is, together with other editors, responsible for editing and producing multimedia content for the DLR web portal as well as managing regular projects for the redesign and development of the DLR web portal and the rollout of new designs to approximately 80 sites of DLR institutions, facilities and projects. In addition, she oversees the tablet editions of the crossmedia DLR magazine, which next to the DLR web portal, is one of the most important products in the DLR communications portfolio.

The CrossMedia sections aims at contemporary public relations, and thus targets groups via directional and bi-directional communication over multiple content, design and editorial linked channels.

Posts from Andrea Schaub

Jan Wörner Blog | 19. September 2011

Tag der Luft- und Raumfahrt am 18. September 2011

Gestern, am 18.September 2011, haben wir in den DLR-Standorten Göttingen und Köln-Porz wieder einmal die Türen für die Öffentlichkeit aufgemacht. In Köln konnten wir an diesem Tag überdies zwei Minister, Philipp Rösler, Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Technologie, und Svenja Schulze, Ministerin für Innovation, Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Zwei Parlamentarische Staatssekretäre, Peter Hintze, Koordinator für Luft- und Raumfahrt der Bundesregierung und Helmut Dockter, Vertreter von Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Bundeswehr, sowie Familie und Freunde begrüßen. read more

TdLR Blog | 18. September 2011

A glimpse of German Aerospace Day

In case you’re not here or you are but haven’t been able to see everything, we offer you the chance to get a glimpse of the various activities and highlights of German Aerospace Day via our Flickr gallery. Here you will be able to see images of Johann-Dietrich Wörner, chairman of the DLR Executive Board, SOFIA, Camilla SDO, European and US astronauts and even the Space Tweetup event. read more

TdLR Blog | 16. September 2011

The SpaceTweeps SpaceTweetup banner

What you see here is SpaceTweetup partcipant Marco Frissen's son Raf with a self-made SpaceTweetup banner for our wonderful & very first european SpaceTweetup. So cute we simply had to blog here.

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TdLR Blog | 16. September 2011

SpaceTweetup banner

Die Teilnehmer des ersten europäischen SpaceTweetup bringen sogar ihre eigenen, sehr schön gestalteten Banner mit. Was Sie hier sehen ist Marco Frissens Sohn Raf mit eben diesem Banner. So nett, dass wir das einfach bloggen müssen.

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TdLR Blog | 14. September 2011

NASA mascot to visit ESA and DLR

Camilla Corona SDO is ready for the Space Tweetup! File this one under ‘humour’: A fabulous and very tongue-in-cheek press release has been issued by one of our favourite rubber chickens. read more

TdLR Blog | 14. September 2011

Track #SOFIA

SOFIA will soon be on its way to German Aerospace Day and DLR/ESA Tweetup. Where is it now? read more

TdLR Blog | 13. September 2011


On Sunday, 18 September 2011, DLR German Aerospace Center will, for the 11th time, host the German Aerospace Day event. In this blog, the DLR Online Communications team will keep you posted on the last news regarding German Aerospace Day and the first european SpaceTweetup - in german and english language. At the end of the day we will also post the winner of our Social Media contest here. More on that soon by my colleague Andrea Schaub.

Of course we'll also post news, pics and other stuff on Facebook, Twitter und Flickr. read more

TdLR Blog | 13. September 2011


Am Sonntag, 18. September 2011, veranstaltet das DLR bereits zum 11. Mal den "Tag der Luft- und Raumfahrt“ (TdLR). Alle Infos dazu gibt es hier. An dieser Stelle wird das Online-Team der DLR-Kommunikation bloggen - und am Ende des Tages auch den Gewinner unseres kleinen Social-Media-Wettbewerbs küren. Dazu in Kürze mehr hier von Kollegin Andrea Schaub.

Im Blog (aber auch auf Facebook, Twitter und Flickr) wird das Online-Team übrigens sowohl über die Gesamtereignisse als auch über das Geschehen im Rahmen des ersten europäischen SpaceTweetups berichten - in deutscher und englischer Sprache. read more