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Dorothee Bürkle

When Dorothee Bürkle attended a press conference where a NASA scientist explained how the Saturnian moon Titan was being investigated using remote sensing data, the realisation that her geography studies would become more meaningful with a focus on satellite image analysis was her first thought. After reporting for several years as a freelance writer with the online editorial team at Westdeutscher Rundfunk, a German public broadcasting institution based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Dorothee joined the DLR Corporate Communications Department in 2008.

She is a technical author for the research areas of energy and transport, and as Dorothee believes that energy and mobility are among the most important issues for the future of our society, she is happy to report on new research developments. Dorothee believes that sustainable mobility and energy supply are possible, and, in the face of a rising global population and an increasing demand for energy, necessary. She knows about the sustainable supply of power from her childhood, where a hydroelectric power plant supplied a small mill and an adjoining house.

Posts from Dorothee Bürkle

Jan Wörner Blog | 16. December 2014

ESA, SENAT, Jahreshauptversammlung …viele Interessen…EIN DLR

In meinem letzten Blog habe ich von einer Hammerwoche geschrieben - eine Steigerung scheint nur schwer möglich. Dieses Mal geht es daher auch nicht um die wissenschaftlich-technischen Errungenschaften des DLR, sondern um die administrativen Vorgänge, die erforderlich sind, um unsere Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten zu ermöglichen. read more

Energy Blog | 29. December 2010 | 2 Comments

Wissenschaftsjahr "Zukunft der Energie": Jede Woche eine Frage, eine Antwort und 150 Kommentare

Im Wissenschaftsjahr 2010 "Die Zukunft der Energie" hat das DLR jede Woche eine Frage zum Thema Energie gestellt. Beantwortet hat sie Wissenschaftsjournalist Jan Oliver Löfken. Im Blog konnten die User Fragen und Kommentare publizieren, auf die wir geantwortet haben - 150 Diskussionsbeiträge sind so zusammen gekommen. In unserem EnergieBlog können Sie in 51 Beiträgen nachlesen, wie Forscher in Zukunft unsere Energieversorgung sicherstellen wollen und welche Weichen die Politik dafür gerade stellt. read more

Energy Blog | 29. December 2010 | 2 Comments

'The Future of Energy' Year of Science: A different question every week, 1 answer and 150 comments

During 'The Future of Energy' Year of Science, DLR prepared one question each week on the topic of energy, answered by the science journalist, Jan Oliver Löfken. Users were invited to post their questions and comments on the blog, and we responded as they came in – we received a total of 150 contributions. Read 51 posts on our Energy Blog and see how researchers want to safeguard our energy supply in the future and what policies are being put in place for this in the world of politics. read more