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Falk Dambowsky

Falk Dambowsky is the aeronautics editor in the DLR Corporate Communications Department. He is there where test pilots take off in research aircraft and aviation researchers put wind tunnels in motion. He does not see knowledge as an end in itself, but the recognition of the lively and vivid dialogue between people. Prior to joining DLR 2009, he studied physics and media consultancy.

At DLR, Falk completed a PR internship after he wrote dissertations on science communication and the astrophysics of extrasolar planets at the Institute of Planetary Research. Again and again, he is fascinated by the diversity of the research topics at DLR and the enthusiasm of the scientists.

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Space Blog | 29. June 2012

SpaceLiveBlog - Ready for Ignition!

Nun ist es fast soweit. Unser SpaceLiveBlog wird mit neuen Ereignissen gefüllt. In Zukunft werden hier zunächst Thilo Kranz und Denis Regenbrecht bloggen. Thilo Kranz ist hier kein Neuling. Er hatte bereits zu den vergangenen Shuttlestarts gebloggt und eindringliche Bilder zum Abschied der großen Raumgleiter geliefert. Gemeinsam mit Denis Regenbrecht arbeitet er im DLR-Raumfahrtmanagement für das Ariane-Programm in der Abteilung Trägersysteme. Beide sind somit ganz nah am Puls der Ereignisse, wenn eine Ariane- und jüngst auch Sojus- oder Vega-Rakete vom Weltraumbahnhof in Kourou abhebt. Ready for Ignition! Freuen wir uns auf Details und Hintergründe rund um die kommenden Countdowns. read more

Space Blog | 29. June 2012

SpaceLiveBlog – Ready for Ignition!

It's almost here. Our SpaceLiveBlog will be filled with new space-related events. In the future, Thilo Kranz and Denis Regenbrecht will be blogging here. Thilo Kranz isn't a newcomer; he blogged about the final Space Shuttle launches and delivered some striking pictures of the Shuttle's farewell. Together with Denis Regenbrecht, he works for the Ariane programme in DLR's Space Administration. For this reason, they both have front row seats during an Ariane or, more recently, a Soyuz or Vega lift-off from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Ready for Ignition! We look forward to details and background information about the upcoming countdowns. read more