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Henning Krause

Henning Krause

Henning Krause worked as an online editor and manager of the DLR web portal until July 2012. He is also an internet citizen, exiles in Hamburg, cycless and loves to drink milk.

Until July 2012 Henning Krause was an online editor and manager of the DLR Web Portal. He studied Physics at Göttingen and History of Science at Hamburg. Henning was - among other tasks - responsible for public relations for the SOFIA project, working from the DLR Corporate Communications office in Cologne.

Since August 2012 he's working as Social Media Manager of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin.

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Comm Blog | 03. April 2012 | 2 Comments

SpaceTweetup in Zahlen

In der vergangenen Woche (28./29. März 2012) fand in Toulouse, Frankreich, das mittlerweile vierte Europäische SpaceTweetup statt. Ein guter Anlass, um einmal über Reichweite und Zahlen einer solchen Kommunikationsmaßnahme zu bloggen. Über das erste, von DLR und ESA veranstaltete SpaceTweetup im September 2011 wurde an anderen Stellen bereits viel berichtet, von daher will ich mich hier nun auf die dazu ermittelten Zahlen konzentrieren. Allen Leserinnen und Lesern, die sich zunächst darüber informieren wollen, worum es sich bei einem SpaceTweetup handelt, sei dieser und dieser Blogartikel empfohlen. read more

Comm Blog | 03. April 2012 | 2 Comments

Space Tweetup in numbers

Last week, on 28/29 March 2012, the fourth European SpaceTweetup took place in Toulouse, France. A good reason to blog about the reach and numbers of such a communication measure. Plenty has already been written about the first European Space Tweetup, organised by DLR and ESA, which took place in September 2011, so I will - with some delay - now just concentrate on the numbers here. For any readers who want to know more about the SpaceTweetup and find out what it was all about, I recommend this or that blog article. read more

TdLR Blog | 04. January 2012 | 4 Comments

Das SpaceTweetup als neues Format der Raumfahrt-Kommunikation

Am 18. September 2011, dem Tag der Luft- und Raumfahrt, veranstalteten das DLR und die ESA das erste europäische Raumfahrt-Tweetup. Ein Tweetup ist eine Veranstaltung, bei der sich Benutzer der Social Media-Plattform Twitter treffen. Die ESA und wir hatten unsere Twitter-Follower eingeladen, mehr über die europäische Luft- und Raumfahrt zu lernen, Wissenschaftler und Astronauten zu treffen sowie sich unsere Forschungsanlagen und -flugzeuge anzusehen. read more

TdLR Blog | 04. January 2012 | 4 Comments

SpaceTweetup - a new format for spaceflight communication

On 18 September 2011, German Aerospace Day, DLR and ESA staged the first European SpaceTweetup. A tweetup is an event in which users of the social media platform Twitter meet up. Together with ESA, we invited our Twitter followers to come and find out more about the European aerospace industry, meet scientists and astronauts and have a look at our research facilities and aircraft. read more

TdLR Blog | 18. September 2011

Meeting the astronauts and more!

German Aerospace Day does not cease to surprise me! We’ve had the chance to hear from astronauts Paolo Nespoli, Cady Coleman and STS-134 crew including Greg H. Johnson. To prove it, check out the picture of all our Spacetweeps with them! read more