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Jan Oliver Löfken

Energy journalist Jan Oliver Löfken writes among other things, for the Technologie Review, Wissenschaft aktuell, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung and P.M. Magazin on issues involving energy research and industry. For DLR, he answered the Energy question of the week during the Year of Energy 2010.

Currently, Jan Oliver Löfken writes in the DLR Energy blog on current topics related to the energy turnaround. He considers the contributions that research can make to a secure and affordable energy supply. The energy transition is a social challenge - a project of the century, as noted by Environment Minister Peter Altmeier. In the DLR Energy Blog, Jan Oliver Löfken discusses the outlook of the power supply and what can set the course for politics and the economy today.

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Energy Blog | 14. June 2010 | 1 Comment

Energie-Frage der Woche: Lässt sich Sonnenenergie speichern?

Solarkraftwerke liefern nur Strom, wenn die Sonne scheint. Daher stehen sie nicht gerade im Ruf als zuverlässiger Stromlieferant. Doch dieser Nachteil lässt sich mit günstigen und möglichst effizienten Speichern beheben. Viele verschiedene Ideen werden derzeit getestet und bereits angewendet. Doch wie vollbringen Speicher das Kunststück, Sonnenenergie zu speichern? read more

Energy Blog | 14. June 2010 | 1 Comment

Energy question of the week: Can solar power be stored?

Solar power stations generate electricity only when it is sunny. So they do not exactly have a great reputation as reliable power providers. But this disadvantage can be overcome with efficient forms of low-cost heat storage. Many ideas are currently being tested, and some of these are even in use. How do storage facilities go about of storing solar power? read more