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Jan Oliver Löfken

Energy journalist Jan Oliver Löfken writes among other things, for the Technologie Review, Wissenschaft aktuell, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung and P.M. Magazin on issues involving energy research and industry. For DLR, he answered the Energy question of the week during the Year of Energy 2010.

Currently, Jan Oliver Löfken writes in the DLR Energy blog on current topics related to the energy turnaround. He considers the contributions that research can make to a secure and affordable energy supply. The energy transition is a social challenge - a project of the century, as noted by Environment Minister Peter Altmeier. In the DLR Energy Blog, Jan Oliver Löfken discusses the outlook of the power supply and what can set the course for politics and the economy today.

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Energy Blog | 05. July 2010

Energie-Frage der Woche: Wie funktioniert eine Solarzelle?

Einen Wirkungsgrad von fast 20 Prozent haben derzeit im Handel erhältliche Solarzellen aus polykristallinem Silizium. Spezielle Solarzellen, aufgebaut aus anderen Halbleitern wie beispielsweise Galliumarsenid haben bereits die 40 Prozent-Hürde überwunden. Zellen aus organischen Materialien oder Farbstoffen dagegen wandeln bestenfalls zehn Prozent des Sonnenlichts in elektrischen Strom um. Alle nutzen den photovoltaischen Effekt. Doch was passiert dabei genau? read more

Energy Blog | 05. July 2010

Energy question of the week: How does a solar cell work?

At present, commercially available solar cells made from polycrystalline silicon operate with an efficiency of 20 percent. Special solar cells composed of other semiconductors such as gallium arsenide have already passed the 40 percent efficiency barrier. In contrast, cells based on organic materials or pigments convert only 10 percent of the sunlight into electrical current at best. All of these use the photovoltaic effect, but what actually happens in the process? read more