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As Head of the Cross-Media Section of DLR's Corporate Communications Department, Marco Trovatello was responsible for Communication across all media distribution channels (Web and Multimedia, Blogs, Social Media, Printed and Tablet media), Evolution of Content Management Systems, Corporate Visual Identity, and DLR's digital media strategy until 30 April 2014. As of 1 May 2014, he serves as Cross-Media Coordinator and Strategy Advisor in the Corporate Communications Department of the European Space Agency ESA.

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Space Blog | 04. March 2011

STS-134: Roll over + "Hoist and Mate"

Mit einem neuen Schwung Bilder, den Thilo Kranz aus Cape Canaveral geschickt hat, knüpfen wir nahtlos an die Space Shuttle Mission STS-134 an, die das europäische Alpha-Magnet-Spektrometer (AMS) zur Internationalen Raumstation bringen wird. Die Mission wird nicht vor dem 19. April 2011 starten, einige Bilder gibt's allerdings schon heute. read more

Space Blog | 04. March 2011

STS-134: Roll over and 'hoist and mate'

With this new set of images that Thilo recently sent, we start to tie in with Space Shuttle Mission STS-134 which will carry the European-built Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) to the International Space Station. The mission won't launch before 19 April 2011, but we already have some great images. read more