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Martin Fleischmann

Martin Fleischmann is a science enthusiast and keen editor. Even in his childhood sandpit he was looking for oil and his favourite question in infancy was "why?" Today he is a print editor in the Communication Department at DLR in Bonn. From the ninth grade, he followed his mother’s suggestion: "You are always asking questions and writing things down. Why not become a journalist?" After a first experience as a freelance journalist for the local Offenbach Post and the Frankfurter Rundschau during his schooling came the choice of what to study next. Thanks to a not so good – OK, pretty lousy – high school diploma, it was not medicine but German literature, psychology and politics. Annoying but whatever. During his studies, the opportunity arose to work part-time during the holidays as an online editor at T-Online.

Right after graduation, he moved to Cologne for an internship and for his first editorial job in a small medical publishing house - actually the ideal combination of the two passions: science and journalism. But who can say no when a job as a print editor at the German equivalent of NASA becomes available? No one, because the work is too exciting and thus the temptation too great to reject this dream job - a job where you learn something new every day and so your curiosity is never satisfied.

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