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Ralf Faller

Ralf Faller

Ralf Faller studied aeronautic and space engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and has been a researcher in the Department of Space Operations and Astronaut Training at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen since 1991. He started out in the Spaceflight Dynamics Department but moved to mission operations after seven years.

His duties included the supervision of orbit and attitude control systems as a subsystem engineer and the role of the flight director and project manager in a variety of space missions. These missions have included, among others, various scientific projects, such as ROSAT and EQUATOR-S, positioning of satellites for commercial organisations and government entities - such as Eutelsat and military - as well as well as the preparation and implementation of technology testing missions such as BIRD and PRISMA. His current responsibilities include robotic space and servicing missions. He is project manager for the ground segment of the DLR German orbital servicing mission, DEOS.

Posts from Ralf Faller

Other | 17. April 2012

Resuming Activities for PRISMA

A long time has passed since the last Blog entry. After return of the PRISMA formation to the Swedish Mission Control Center in Solna in August last year, several reports were generated and data evaluated, but we still had an unfinished business with PRISMA. One interesting experiment, which could not be performed during the GSOC operations phase, was still outstanding. read more

Space | 16. August 2011

PRISMA Mission Control returned to Sweden

After more than 5 months of successful flight operations by GSOC, the operational control was re-handed over again to the control center in Solna, Sweden. Since handover to GSOC in March this year, various experiments could be performed. My colleagues already reported corresponding details within the Blog. I’ll now try to describe the topic of a satellite mission handover. read more

Other | 11. May 2011

Inuvik Ground Station in Use for PRISMA

The DLR ground station Inuvik is used for the PRISMA flight operations since April 18th 2011. The technical and administrative preparations were pushed forward for the last two months in order to provide a favorable alternative for the project. read more

Space | 05. April 2011

PRISMA – Mango and Tango in mission operations mode

On 14 March 2011, the German Space Operations Center (GSOC) took over operations of PRISMA. Despite my 20 years of service, I must say that even though every mission launch is special, the transfer of operations for an ongoing mission has a very new ‘feel’ about it. PRISMA has been different in many ways. The aim of this mission is to demonstrate various formation flying and rendezvous scenarios at separations of as little as a few metres with satellites Tango and Mango. read more