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Tom Uhlig

As a child, Thomas Uhlig had the dream of becoming an astronaut, which he almost lost sight of while studying physics: he received a doctorate in the field of nano-cosmos and operation of electron microscopes for small magnetic particles. But after a period of research at Argonne National Laboratory, his passion for space caught up with him again .

In 2005, he moved to the German Aerospace Center, where he first worked as a planner, then as Operations Coordinator and finally as Columbus flight director . A special highlight for him was being flight controller of 1E- Space Shuttle mission at the console – you could hardly get closer to being an astronaut! He now heads the training team at the Columbus Control Centre that introduces the new colleagues to their work in the control room and certifies them.

Public relations is a particular concern for him - he regrets that hardly anyone in Germany knows that one of the main control centers for the ISS is operated in Oberpfaffenhofen. To remedy this, he has started blogging and is the author of a book on the 1E- mission and several other publications.

Posts from Tom Uhlig

Columbus Blog | 14. February 2014

Neue Software für Columbus

"Computer nicht ausschalten - wichtiges Update wird installiert" - diese Meldung kann mich oft zur Weißglut bringen. Mein Laptop hat ein zielsicheres Gespür dafür, solche Schritte gerade dann in Angriff zu nehmen, wenn ich ihm noch schnell eine Info entlocken wollte, kurz bevor ich zum nächsten Termin hetze ... Was mich dazu noch wurmt: ich weiß nicht, was da gerade genau passiert mit dem Computer, der doch eigentlich mir gehört... und welch ein Unterschied zu den Updates zu unserer Columbus-On-Board-Software, die auch hin und wieder sein müssen. read more

Columbus Blog | 14. February 2014

Software update for Columbus

"Do not switch off your computer, an important update is being installed" – this message frequently drives me to distraction. My laptop has the annoying habit of beginning this kind of modification precisely when I need it to get hold of some information quickly just before rushing to my next appointment. What also bothers me is that I never really know what is going on inside the computer that supposedly belongs to me – so different to the periodic updates for Columbus on-board software. read more

Columbus Blog | 03. February 2014 | 1 Comment

Col-CC Blog: Los geht’s

Bemannte Raumfahrt ist eine spannende Sache – für uns in Europa und im DLR umso mehr im Jahr 2014: Mit dem Deutschen Alexander Gerst und der Italienierin Samantha Cristoforetti starten gleich zwei ESA-Astronauten zu einem Forschungsaufenthalt auf der Internationalen Raumstation ISS. read more

Columbus Blog | 03. February 2014 | 1 Comment

Col-CC blog – the beginning

Human spaceflight in itself is exciting – increasingly so for those of us in Europe and DLR in 2014, with the launch of two ESA astronauts, German Alexander Gerst and Italian Samantha Cristoforetti, to the International Space Station (ISS), where they will conduct research. read more