Captured from ground: ATV Johannes Kepler and Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the ISS

03. March 2011, 14.21, Henning Krause, 46 Comment/s
On Tuesday, 1 March 2011, Dirk Ewers, one of our readers, caught the International Space Station (ISS) on camera, as it was passing overhead in the evening sky near Kassel in central Germany. Ewers has sent in the fantastic images that show ATV-2 Johannes Kepler and Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the ISS. Using almost 2000 of these individual images, he has put together a video sequence of the docked spacecraft passing almost directly overhead.

Kudos to Dirk for these amazing images!

Scroll down for an annotated image showing the locations of ATV 2 and the Shuttle.

 ISS with ATV and Space Shuttle Discovery

Images and video courtesy of: Dirk Ewers

A few days ago, NASA featured a similar image by Rob Bullen as their Image of the Day. Last year, Thilo Kranz, a staff member at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) took an outstanding image of the ISS transiting the Sun.

About the images:

Two Line Elements (TLE):

1 25544U 98067A 11059.94480917 .00003150 00000-0 27606-4 0 9183

2 25544 51.6462 356.0474 0005 066 22.5301 93.7337 15.72510241703869

Elevation: 85° north (maximum)

Distance: 358 kilometres (minimum)

Overall length of truss structure (S6/S5/S4/S3/S1/S0/P1/P3/P4/P5/P6): 100.4 metres = 57.85 arcseconds (theoretical maximum)

Speed: 27,710 kilometres per hour

Time: 19:25 CET, 1 March 2011

Location: Hombressen near Kassel, Germany

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  • By Mike A. on 04.03.2011
  • By on 04.03.2011
    Fantastic. Well done
  • By Nelson on 04.03.2011
    Absolutely amazing! Thank you Dirk!
  • By Joel in Kansas City on 04.03.2011
    Absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing.
  • By karlhungus on 04.03.2011
    Very nice footage ! thanks for sharing this.
  • By Michael Broemmer on 04.03.2011
    Was habe ich da exquisites entdeckt !! als alter Kosmos-und Raumfahrtfan,solch aussergewöhliches Video-und Bildmaterial von Mutter Erde aus, das ist phantastisch! Nun habe ich eine "neue Adresse: Hombressen! Nochmals herzlich DANKE !
  • By BRUCE on 04.03.2011
    Great images Dirk,what did you use to get them?
  • By Sydney Myers on 04.03.2011
    Fantastic work! Thank you for sharing this video and the pictures.
  • By Phil in Chicago on 04.03.2011
    This is one of the most incredible images I have seen. Amazing, way to go Dirk!
  • By Rhymemaker on 04.03.2011
    Excellent job. Well done.
  • By Maureen on 04.03.2011
    Fantastic! Excellent job Dirk. thank you!
  • By Paul P. on 04.03.2011
    Would love to know what type of equipment was used to capture this. Again, thanks for the video!
  • By David on 04.03.2011
    Outstanding. Thank you for such an amazing view of the station. Looks like there should be a "no vacancy" sign with all the docked vehicles. :)
  • By Donna Andreozzi on 04.03.2011
    Thank You Dirk ..... Good job......
  • By PaulR in Ireland on 04.03.2011
    Well done on the stunning photographs. I have seen ISS passing overhead many times but your new sequence of photographs is rather spectacular. Thanks a lot.
  • By Alfredo Martinez (México) on 04.03.2011
    Thank you Dirk. One amazing picture to one amazing station. Best regards. ¡Excelente imagen Dirk, Felicidades desde México!
  • By ReissGang on 04.03.2011
    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing those images and video sequence. I wish I knew what you used to get those images. Gotta get me a better
  • By Michelle Fort Myers FL on 04.03.2011
  • By Usha on 04.03.2011
    Terrific! I wonder what kind of equipment you used to capture this. Thank you for sharing Dirk.
  • By codie Q on 04.03.2011
    WONDERFUL!Dirk, Wish we could see more. Thank you so much
  • By Alex on 04.03.2011
    Great job Dirk. Thank you.
  • By Joe, Springfield, IL on 05.03.2011
    Awesome, we love to watch the ISS go over Illinois. My boys and I did see Discovery on the launch pad in Oct 2010. Thanks Dirk and thanks Discovery, you will be missed!
  • By Frans in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) on 05.03.2011
    Amazing pictures! I've seen the ISS as a bright star, but this is really fantastic. Thanks a lot, Dirk!
  • By Glen Hofstetter on 05.03.2011
    Still think the moon landing was a conspiracy?
  • By Eduardo on 05.03.2011
    Great job Dirk, we are very pleased by this wonderful picture. Hugs from Mexico City buddy!
  • By Robert W. on 05.03.2011
    Amazing sequence, thank's Dirk und Nasa to put this onto Image of the Day ;-))
  • By Dirk Ewers on 05.03.2011
    Thank you for the nice comments I got here ! There have been some questions about the equippment so I'd like to give short information about it : Optics : Takahashi FS 128 refracting telescope (5 inch) Camera : Skynyx CCD Videocamera 2-0 C Focal length : 1.050 x 4 = 4.200mm The telescope has been guided by computer with satellite tracking programm. It is necessary to have up-to-date orbital data → Two Line Elements (TLE) to compute the satellite positions and split second time accuracy during tracking best wishes, Dirk
  • By Chandra on 05.03.2011
    Excellent piece of photo..thank Dirk
  • By J.P on 05.03.2011
    Very good job, Excellent video
  • By Stefano on 05.03.2011
    Bravissimo !
  • By dtna on 06.03.2011
    Gaaaanz tollll! Danke D.Ewers greetz dtna@bln
  • By Dr.Alan Brooker on 08.03.2011
    I've watched the ISS transit a few times with eyes and binoculars, but your pictures show unprecedented detail. Great work!
  • By Johann on 10.03.2011
    Great job man!!
  • By Julio A (Mexico) on 11.03.2011
    Great job and excellent!! Dirk. Thank you.
  • By kwu5465 on 16.03.2011
  • By sandeep pai on 20.03.2011
    Thank u Mr. Dick Evers. Ur effort wud propel space watchers like me even deaper into our hobby
  • By LMillhouse (California) on 31.03.2011
    Thank you Dirk for the superb Presentation
  • By on 12.04.2011
    Fabulous work, I observed image angle moving is it from ISS or your camera ?
  • By Eduardo Santana on 09.07.2011
    Parabéns pela filmagens, a imagem, o foco e centralização ficaram perfeitos, excelente, Parabéns. um grande abraço daqui de São Luís - Maranhão - Brasil. Eduardo L. R. Santana ( )
  • By antonio mercadoh on 29.01.2012
    Beautifull Beautifull Bautifull!!!