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Intensity picking up

TanDEM-X Control Room, GSOC

This place, the German Aerospace Center at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen (close to Munich) has a serious trekkie air. As you walk into the building where the action is tonight, chairs and shiny lights have been set up. This is where the infotainment programme will be streamed live. But take a couple of turns around nondescript corridors, and you’re on the bridge — they actually call it that (hence the trekkie reference).

TanDEM-X Control Room, GSOC

On one side is the Columbus Control Center and opposite it the TanDEM-X control room. A few hours ago, when we checked at about 7 pm (it's 2:05 am as I type this), the TanDEM-X control room was empty. It's populated now, and the intensity is also starting to trickle in.

We hope to keep you updated as much as possible through the night. Don't forget to check @DLR_en. We tend to be more prolific there!

Have you already read up on the mission? www.dlr.de/eo/en

A round up of TanDEM-X echoes across the web: Slashdot,  Portal to the Universe, ESAOperations at Posterous


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