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German Aerospace Day and SpaceTweetup in near real time

15. September 2011, 17.58, Marco Trovatello, 0 Comment/s
Here is a list of the social media channels for German Aerospace Day and the associated SpaceTweetup; nearly all the events can be followed in (almost) real time.


… accounts with real-time updates during German Aerospace Day: (German) (English) – updates from the SpaceTweetup, (English)

Using the hashtags #TdLR, #SpaceTweetup, #DLR and #ESA, German Aerospace Day updates by all users can be followed.


Almost-live reporting with short news items, photos and links:


New images from German Aerospace Day, updated throughout the event:



There will be three (current planning) live webcasts:

  • Spacelivecast berichtet – as the name suggests – live throughout the day (German)
  • Live web stream from the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) via (English)
  • SpaceTweetup live web stream, direct from the Tweetup marquee – from 11:00 to 18:00 (English)

European Astronauts on Twitter

More detailed information about our activities on the DLR social media channels have been posted in a blog entry by Andrea Schaub. Our ESA colleagues (thanks to Daniel Scuka!) have prepared similar information with a focus on the relevant ESA channels.

More information about German Aerospace Day can be found at and

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