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SOFIA Blog | 01. July 2014

SOFIA dreht Ehrenrunde über Hamburg

Seit Donnerstag, den 26. Juni 2014 hat das DLR Raumfahrtmanagement eine temporäre Außenstelle in Hamburg: Das fliegende Infrarot-Observatorium SOFIA geht dort sozusagen "zum TÜV". In den kommenden Wochen wird das Flugzeug gründlich inspiziert, bekannte Mängel werden behoben und bereits geplante Änderungen durchgeführt. read more

SOFIA Blog | 24. November 2010

Ground-based training for science with SOFIA

Shortly before the start of the first science flight with SOFIA, the mission crew trained for the sequence of in-flight operations. Pilots, technical staff and researchers simulated mission profiles with observation of an astronomical object, aircraft course alterations and changing to observe another celestial object, among other things. All the routines that occur on a regular basis during a science flight were rehearsed. This can involve changing the elevation of the telescope while at the same time tracking the position of the observatory door, finding and maintaining focus on a celestial object and the interaction of the various systems on board the aircraft. read more