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Elke Heinemann

Elke Heinemann has been an editor for the DLR web portal since 2003. After studying German and English as well as theatre, film and television studies in Cologne, she worked in the TV sector and provided reports as well as magazine articles. After she graduated, she undertook an intership in the DLR Communications department.
She has been responsible for the developmen of special sites for missions, such as the Rosetta mission, the International Space Station and Mars Express, for the DLR web portal. As self-confessed science fiction fan, she is fascinated by anything related to space. Specially close to her heart is Mars. She has been reporting about the Red Planet for 10 years now and, sometimes, she would even like to go there - but only with a return flight.

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Philae Blog | 24. July 2014 | 4 Comments

Erste Eindrücke der Oberfläche von Rosettas Zielkomet

Die neuen Bilder des Kometen 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, den die ESA-Raumsonde Rosetta am 6. August 2014 erreichen wird und auf dem das Landegerät Philae im November aufsetzen soll, lassen bereits Strukturen seiner Oberfläche erkennen. Sie wurden mit der OSIRIS-Kamera an Bord von Rosetta aus 5.500 Kilometern Entfernung gemacht. read more

Philae Blog | 24. July 2014 | 4 Comments

Closing in on Rosetta's target comet

Surface structures are becoming visible in new images of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. These images, with a resolution of 100 metres per pixel, were acquired with the OSIRIS scientific imaging system on board Rosetta. The comet’s neck region – the section connecting the two heads – seems to be much brighter than the head and body of the nucleus. read more

Philae Blog | 30. October 2013

T Minus 377 Tage

377 Tage, rund 1 Jahr – eigentlich eine Menge Zeit. Bedenkt man aber, dass die Kometenmission Rosetta insgesamt auf 3906 Tage bis zur Landung angelegt ist, sind 377 Tage gerade einmal die letzten 10 Prozent ihrer zehnjährigen Reise durch den Weltraum. Höhepunkt ist die Landung von Philae auf dem Kometen. read more

Philae Blog | 30. October 2013

T minus 377 days!

377 days remain, just over one year– quite a significant amount of time. Considering that the duration of the mission up to landing is 3906 days, this is merely the final10 percent of a 10-year-long journey through interplanetary space. read more

Philae Blog | 22. October 2013

Rosetta und Philae: Nomen est Omen

Wissenschaftler verwenden nicht selten Abkürzungen, um ihre Missionen oder Projekte zu benennen, beispielsweise MASCOT (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout) oder SHEFEX (Sharp Edge Flight Experiment). Bei der ESA-Mission Rosetta, bei der erstmals eine Raumsonde einem Kometen folgen wird und ein Lander auf eben diesem Kometen aufsetzen soll, ist das Prinzip ein anderes: Ihr Name bezieht sich auf den Stein von Rosetta, mit dessen Hilfe die Hieroglyphen entschlüsselt werden konnten. read more

Philae Blog | 22. October 2013

Rosetta and Philae – Nomen est omen

Scientists often use abbreviations to designate their missions or projects; examples are MASCOT (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout) or SHEFEX (Sharp Edged Flight Experiment). But ESA’s Rosetta mission, which will mark a first in the history of space exploration by becoming the first spacecraft to follow a comet and carry a lander that will touch down on the comet, was given its name for a different reason. The name refers to the Rosetta Stone, which allowed hieroglyphs to be deciphered. read more