Other | 25. February 2011 | posted by Marco Trovatello

(Almost) One image per second

Last night, Thilo sent back pictures of Discovery's launch that he took himself, including some taken with a remote camera. The latter were taken with the help of a sound sensor that triggered the camera, located directly at the launch pad.

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Space | 24. February 2011

Launch Day

It's launch day! A very foggy and humid evening, very low clouds caused an almost mystic atmosphere at the launch site. Retraction of the Rotating Servicing Structure at the pad and the Vehicle Assembly Building were enshrouded by the fog. However, on launch day, the weather is good so far - sunny with some clouds passing by. Weather is 90% go and there are no technical issues needing particular attention. So at 1 p.m. in the afternoon, it was time for the astronauts to board onto the "astrovan" that will take them to the pad. This crew walk out is a famous media event that attracts crowds of hundreds cheering and waving at the crew as they board onto the van. After this brief but exciting event, they are off to the pad, where they will be boarding Discovery. Time to get ready for the launch! read more

Space | 24. February 2011 | 1 Comment

L-1: one day to launch, for the fourth time

After nearly four months of postponement of the final mission for Space Shuttle Discovery, I am back on site to document it in photographs. On the day before the launch, the press site at Kennedy Space Center is already filling up again but it is much quieter now than it was before the original launch date in November 2010. There are significantly less NASA activities, such as the Tweet-up, and international guests on this occasion. Launches are so complex and elaborate that any technical or meteorological complications can cause plans to change at very short notice. This has been clearly demonstrated by the delay of STS 133. In the meantime, the countdown for Discovery is running mostly according to plan. read more

Other | 21. February 2011 | posted by Marco Trovatello

Resuming ...

NASA quotes "Launch week" and we're on it again. At this very moment, Thilo is on the airplane to Florida to flickr and phlog the launch of STS-133. Even if on this photo (taken in November 2010) it looks like I am travelling with him: I am not, but will blog from Cologne instead. read more