Space Blog | 23. March 2012 | posted by Henning Krause

'Shuttle Launch Blog' is now 'SpaceLiveBlog'

Launch of ATV3
Launch of ATV3

This blog used to be called 'Shuttle Launch Blog', and reported on the latest Space Shuttle flights and missions. Since the shuttle programme has now ended, we want to use this blog as a source of information for a wide variety of space-related events, such as launches from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana, spacewalks at the International Space Station or the docking of the European Automated Transfer Vehicle, ATV, with the ISS. For this reason, from now on, it will be the ' SpaceLiveBlog'. Updates coming soon ...


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Henning Krause worked as an online editor and manager of the DLR web portal until July 2012. Since August 2012 he's working as Social Media Manager of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin. to authorpage

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