Space Blog | 28. March 2012

Timeline for ATV-3 docking

So that everyone knows what is happening as ATV-3, 'Eduardo Amaldi', approaches and docks with the International Space Station, here is the nominal timeline for this evening's activities:

(CEST / UTC+2)
S-2 Waypoint15:50:06
S-1 Waypoint18:38:57
Phasing Manoeuvre IF10.00 m/s18:46:38
Phasing Manoeuvre IF20.00 m/s19:32:46
Phasing Manoeuvre IF31.20 m/s20:17:28
S-1/2 Waypoint20:26:27
S1 Waypoint / Homing Manoeuvre HM1600 s1.69 m/s21:12:36
Homing Manoeuvre HM2150 s0.04 m/s21:28:05
Homing Manoeuvre HM3150 s0.16 m/s21:43:35
Homing Manoeuvre HM4600 s2.10 m/s21:49:05
Arrive at S2 Holdpoint21:59:05
Depart S2 / Closing Manoeuvre CM1270 s1.49 m/s22:30:27
Closing Manoeuvre CM2180 s0.40 m/s22:43:27
Closing Manoeuvre CM3150 s0.41 m/s22:56:27
Closing Manoeuvre CM4400 s1.55 m/s23:03:47
Arrive at S3 Holdpoint23:10:27
Depart S3 Holdpoint23:46:57
Arrive at S4 Holdpoint00:10:27
Depart S4 Holdpoint00:23:27
Arrive at S41 Holdpoint00:25:57
Depart S41 Holdpoint00:30:57
Nominal Docking00:33:00

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