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Beamed Energy Propulsion

Beamed Energy Propulsion (BEP) is a revolutionary technology for future space transportation. BEP vehicles are driven by power that can be beamed from a remote, reusable, and long-range source. While the majority of modern BEP techniques are based on lasers, the scope of ISBEP also covers other forms of directed energy, such as microwave and x-ray radiation. In combination with a multitude of propulsive mechanisms such as blast waves, ablation, photon pressure, vaporization, photodesorption, and alike, BEP stays on a forefront of modern physics and engineering.

BEP systems provide unique propulsive characteristics which would be impossible to achieve by means of traditional, combustion-based engines. Vehicles driven by BEP will be smaller, lighter, faster, and more efficient than any currently existing means of space transportation. In addition, BEP offers new and often unique technical solutions which are unattainable by traditional means of propulsion. Potential application areas of BEP are found in astronautics from space-borne micropropulsion via terrestrial launches and laser based debris removal to interstellar missions, but also in aeronautics and micronautics, i.e., motion in microspace.

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