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Program Committee

7th International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion

April 10 - 14, 2011, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Schlosshotel Monrepos


Thomas Reiter, Member of the Executive Board, DLR (Cologne, Germany)


Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Dittus, DLR - Institute of Space Systems (Bremen, Germany)
Dr. Hans-Albert Eckel, DLR - Institute of Technical Physics (Stuttgart, Germany)


Prof. Victor V. Apollonov, Prokhorov General Physics Institute (Moscow, Russia)
Prof. Dr. Willy L. Bohn, BohnLaser Consult (Stuttgart, Germany)
Joung R. Cook, J. Cook and Associates (McLean, Virginia, USA)
Dr. Eric W. Davis, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (Texas, USA)
Dr. Hans-Albert Eckel, DLR - Institute of Technical Physics (Stuttgart, Germany)
Dr. David Froning, The University of Adelaide (Australia)
Prof. Iskender Gokalp, Centre National des Recherches Scientifiques, (Orleans, France)
Prof. Hideyuki Horisawa, Tokai University (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan)
Prof. Andrei Ionin, Lebedev Physical Institute (Moscow, Russia)
Dr. Jordin T. Kare, Kare Technical Consulting (Seattle, Washington, USA)
Prof. Kimiya Komurasaki, The University of Tokyo (Japan)
Dr. Franklin B. Mead, Jr., Mead Science and Technology (Twin Oaks, California, USA)
Dr. Marco A. S. Minucci, Centro Technico Aerospacial, Instituto De Estudos Avancados (São José dos Campos, Brazil)
Prof. Leik N. Myrabo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New York, USA)
Dr. Claude R. Phipps, Photonic Associates (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
Dr. Yuri A. Rezunkov, Research Institute for Complex Testing of Optoelectronic Devices (Sosnovy Bor, Russia)
Prof. Akihiro Sasoh, Nagoya University (Japan)
Prof. Zhiping Tang, University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei, China)
Dr. Shigeaki Uchida, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
Prof. Takashi Yabe, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

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