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7th International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion

April 10 -14, 2011, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Schlosshotel Monrepos

Call for Papers

The 7th International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion (ISBEP 7) is committed to carry on the mission, started by ISBEP 1 in 2002 (Huntsville, Alabama) and continued by ISBEP 2 (Sendai, Japan, 2003), ISBEP 3 (Troy, New York, 2004), ISBEP 4 (Nara, Japan, 2005), ISBEP 5 (Kona, Hawaii, 2007), and ISBEP 6 (Scottsdale, Arizona, 2009).

It will bring together organizations and individuals interested in developing beamed-energy propulsion vehicles, engines, schemes and concepts into space transportation systems of the future. It will offer an exceptional opportunity for researchers in the BEP field to present the current results of their studies.

Conference Topics

The program of ISBEP 7 will cover all aspects related to the science and technology of beamed-energy propulsion in its various forms and applications.
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Abstract Submission

A one paragraph abstract must be included at the beginning of the paper. It should be a summary, not an introduction, and complete in itself. The abstract should indicate the subject dealt with in the paper and should state the objectives of the investigation. Newly observed facts and conclusions of the experiment or the argument discussed in the paper must be stated in summary form.
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Paper Submission

In tradition with the previous ISBEP conferences, the submission of your technical paper is due at the first day of the conference. You may submit your paper by mail or via CD or USB stick at the conference desk. Please keep in mind that we stick to the tradition that paper submission is mandatory for oral presentation at the conference and vice versa.
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Presentation Submission

The duration of regular presentations is expected no longer than 20 - 30 min including Q & A. Submission of your presentation in advance is an option that will help us to facilitate the conference business. If you send us your presentation until Apr 6, 2011, we will transfer it to the conference laptop and check its compatibility. Nevertheless, if you prefer to bring your own laptop or USB stick with the last-minute updated version, you are welcome as well.
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