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Winners of the ESNC DLR Special Prize 2010

VADASE: Winners of the ESNC DLR Special Prize 2010

The VADASE team (from left): Augusto Mazzoni, Mattia Crespi, and Gabriele Colosimo.

Testing the innovative software with market-standard receiver hardware

The concept behind VADASE (Variometric Approach for Displacement Analysis Standalone Engine) is based on the integration of novel software and a marketstandard, single-frequency GNSS sensor. For real-time analysis, VADASE utilises phase changes in the GNSS signals it receives to ascertain seismic movements. Since this method is relative (hence "variometric"), it can be deployed in any location.

Simulating Earth movements with a "vibration table"

The VADASE team carried out various tests and simulations on Earth movements along with scientists from the DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation. With the help of a "vibration table", they purposely set a GPS receiver antenna to oscillating in order to evaluate the results of VADASE’s algorithms.



VADASE stands for Variometric Approach for Displacement Analysis Standalone Engine.