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Energy Research
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  • Parabolrinnenanlage auf der Plataforma Solar de Almería
    Parabolic-trough solar collector at Plataforma Solar de Almería in Spain

    With heat accumulators, the current production of solarthermal power stations can be independent of the vageries of the Sun. Solarthermal power stations can supply energy even at night and in overcast conditions.

Technological advances and a better understanding of the system can deliver important contributions to transforming the energy system into a sustainable form, which is the aim of the German "Energiewende". Publicly funded energy research is especially committed to the goals of the Energiewende and DLR considers itself an active and effective supporter, whose research is completely oriented towards these goals.

DLR delivers various contributions in the form of technological developments and supports orientation knowledge via system studies. DLR energy research is concentrating on environmentally friendly, efficient and low-cost energy supply and storage on a scale relevant to the energy industry. It works

  • on efficient and environmentally friendly power generation,
  • on thermal, electrochemical and chemical energy storage and
  • on the analysis and further development of the energy system.

The width and diversity of DLR’s institutes’ competencies offer a special competitive advantage. They allow for multi-disciplinary work on complex questions and for exploiting various synergies.

With the resources available, DLR’s energy research cannot cover all technical options. Thus, the strategy is selective and cooperative. DLR’s tasks in energy research are oriented along medium- and long-term strategies and are being followed in a coordinated way of division of work with its German, European, and international partners from research and industry.

An overview of the topics of DLR’s energy research is listed here.

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