DLR webcast: The re-entry of the ROSAT satellite and the risks

Der Wiedereintritt des Rosat-Satelliten und die Risiken

At present, a total of about 6700 tons of space debris is in orbit around the Earth. This total figure includes the X-ray satellite ROSAT. In this DLR webcast, Heiner Klinkrad, Head of the Space Debris Office at the European Space Agency (ESA), explains what the re-entry of Rosat will be like, and enumerates the possible risks. He also explains the influence of solar activity on the re-entry date.

Since 2006, Heiner Klinkrad has been Head of the ESA Space Debris Office in Darmstadt, and he has also been a lecturer on the subject of space debris at the Technical University (TU) in Braunschweig since 2001.

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