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DLRmagazine 154/155

DLRmagazine 154/155 - The Power of salt

12. September 2017

Without solar and wind power there would be no Energiewende (energy transition). And no energy transition without energy storage. Energy storage materials store the energy and release it when it is needed. Salt could play an important role here. The new and worldwide unique test facility TESIS of DLR will research this.

DLRmagazine 153

DLRmagazine 153 - Sun at your fingertips

23. March 2017

In the April issue of the DLRmagazine, we are switching on the Sun. This is, of course, artificial and reserved for solar researchers in Jülich! The honeycomb assembly of 149 individually controllable radiator modules achieves 10,000 times the intensity of the solar radiation at Earth' surface.

cover of the DLRmagazine 151/152 with David, the robot

DLRmagazine 151/152 - No voice, no mouth

23. November 2016

David the robot is characterised by his clear-cut design. Its purpose is to emphasise his capabilities and avoid any confusion about his limitations, explains his designer, Tilo Wüsthoff. The last issue of the DLRmagazine in 2016 profiles the designer, who has a somewhat atypical job at DLR.

DLRmagazine 150 – Eyes in the sky see the world changing

24. May 2016

The world is changing in ways that our human eyes are not able to completely observe. Satellites see it all and reveal what cannot be hidden: damage caused by natural forces or the impact of human violence on the World Heritage Site of Palmyra, for instance. Science expands our field of view, and the DLRmagazine bears witness.

DLRmagazine 148/149 %2d From early communication satellites to swarm intelligence

DLRmagazine 148/149 - From early com­muni­cation satel­lites to swarm in­telligence

22. March 2016

As the title of this issue suggests, the first DLRmagazine of 2016 takes a look back in time. This year, the DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we delve into the world of invisible signals and antennas.

Cover DLRmagazine 146/147

DLRmagazine 146/147 - Summit flight in the Midnight Sun

16. September 2015

In the latest edition of the DLRmagazine 146/147, you can read two fascinating live reports illustrated by impressive images and encounters with interesting people. The cover story, ‘Summit flight in the Midnight Sun’ tells the tale of a flight campaign conducted by DLR’s Falcon research aircraft across Iceland and Greenland, where a new laser instrument, a wind lidar, was tested. Wind data collected from high atmospheric layers will make weather forecasts more accurate in the future. Our second live report features MAPHEUS-5, a sounding rocket with materials physics experiments on board - investigations were conducted during six minutes of microgravity. And there is more!

DLR Magazine 144/145 - Into the flame

30. March 2015

Seeking to understand exactly what happens when fuels burn, the combustion researchers at DLR are true experts when it comes to observing closely without disturbing. To do this, they used a highly sensitive analysis device – a molecular beam mass spectrometer. This research tool made it on to the cover of DLR Magazine 144/145 thanks to the astonishing results it produced.

DLR Magazine 142/143 - Tagging along

5. September 2014

In the latest issue of the DLR Magazine, we take you 400 million kilometres away for a close encounter with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The Rosetta spacecraft has been circling the comet since the beginning of August 2014. On board it is the Philae lander, which will land on the comet in November - a first in the history of spaceflight.

DLR Magazine 140-141 - Entering the home straight

25. March 2014

The spring issue of the DLR Magazine allows its readers to join Alexander Gerst as he completes preparations for the 'Blue Dot' mission, which will run for six months, starting on 28 May 2014, on the International Space Station.

DLR Magazine 138/139 - Why the apple falls ...

1. October 2013

A snapshot of research in microgravity during a parabolic flight? Or perhaps the impressive images of the launch of the MAPHEUS-4 sounding rocket? What image decorates the front page of DLR Magazine 138•139? In the end, German Aerospace Day, held on 22 September 2013, took the spotlight.

DLR Magazine 136/137 - Making science fun

9. April 2013

The Mars rover makes its way across rough terrain - but not on its own. A school pupil controls it. Although it is not a real rover conducting scientific experiments, the child is clearly thrilled by this game. Dirk Stiefs' objective is to spark an interest in science. The latest issue of the DLR Magazine features the creative head of the DLR_School_Lab in Bremen.

DLR Magazine 134-135 - The ash that shut down Europe

10. August 2012

The countdown has begun! In this issue of the DLR Magazine we took a look at volcanic ash under a microscope, shared the excitement of scientists as SHEFEX II prepared for launch, caught a glimpse of Alexander Gerst's training for his upcoming mission in 2014 and went all the way to Poland to visit the kings of aircraft at their final destination.

DLR Magazine 133 - 'Rumble in the jungle'

12. April 2012

The cover of DLR Magazine issue 133 shows the Soyuz launch facility and a launcher being prepared for lift-off at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana. The Soyuz is carrying the first two satellites for the Galileo global satellite navigation system - Europe's independent navigation system.

DLR Magazine 131・132

DLR Magazine 131-132 - Anniversary in the land of the penguins

29. November 2011

The winter edition of the DLR Magazine gives an insight into life and work at the DLR GARS O’Higgins Antarctic station, as well as revealing what can be expected from the largest fundamental research experiment on the ISS – a particle detector. Picosatellites, orbital debris and satellite navigation systems are also covered.

DLR Magazine 129/130 - Seeing double

12. July 2011

Although the cover looks like batik work, it is actually an interferogram showing the landscape around the River Taz in Siberia. The data for the image was acquired by the TanDEM-X and TerraSAR-X satellites, which are flying in formation and surveying the surface of the Earth. By 2013, DLR will have created an extremely accurate digital elevation model of Earth’s entire land surface.

Magazine 127/128 - It's all in the detail

2. December 2010

On the cover: simulated spheres of microscopic materials that bring the modelling of materials into focus, making it easier to predict their behaviour under stress. Whether they resist or fail under heavy loads is a crucial factor for aeronautics and space research, just as it is in energy and transport. Safety, and in turn security, is always the first priority – this is why security is one of the themes of the second English-language edition of the DLR Magazine.

Magazine 126 - DLR launches new magazine - Chasing ice crystals in the sky

11. June 2010

It says Magazine on the cover and it lives up to its name – news, comment and interviews complement traditional articles written by DLR researchers, all prepared by specialist editors. Complex issues are made understandable and large projects are covered without leaving out the small steps on the road to an important discovery. The everyday work of researchers is placed in focus – people who with persistence, imagination and courage, invent something really new and innovative.